The Sleeping Beauty Show, Now Playing in Dubai

Sleeping Beauty

“This is where the magic happens”…No better words can describe Sleeping Beauty and the Magic Spell show by the Dubai Fringe.

The best of many worlds: childhood and adulthood, fairy tale worlds and reality, romance and action! With a twist of comedy of course…

A creative combination of dance, music and acrobatics! The dancing is just great; dancers are both athletes and artists dancing with their hearts telling the story with their souls and bodies. The music is the driving force behind all the magic.

Aware of the fact that imagination has no age, that inside every adult an inner child and most importantly and unfortunately that quality family time and family activities are key to a healthy community and society, Dubai Fringe once again delivers a great family entertainment production with the SLEEPING BEAUTY and the magic spell show!

Sleeping Beauty

Don’t miss a magical experience with Princess Aurora, her overprotective parents, the magical fairies and Maleficent. Enjoy every second of this classic with a contemporary twist in a magical ambiance that individually engages all your senses whether you’re a kid or an adult, and engages you as a family in an unforgettable collective experience.

Take part in the magic, the energy and the action at Meyana Auditorium, Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai on Dec 1 and 15, 2016.  And since SLEEPING BEAUTY and the magic spell is a must-watch show, Aurora and the team will also be expecting you.

You can always count on Dubai Fringe, your family bonding-fun booster!